Orthopedic Total Knee Replacement In Panama City, Panama

Are you struggling with osteoarthritis or knee injury?

Do you have constant pain? Is the inability to go about your day-to-day life getting you down?

Are you looking for an effective and safe method to regain your knee flexibility with a knee replacement?

We can help answer your questions about a knee replacement in Panama City.

Have you been told you need knee replacement surgery but:

A: You can’t get it as soon as you want it or

B: Your health insurance provider won’t pay for it or

C: You don’t even have health insurance at this time.

Well, keep reading because we’ve got answers for you.

What if I told you that you had other options?

You could have your procedure done in the time frame that you wanted AND a price that was far better than what you had given by your U.S. based doctor.

Take a look….

  • Surgeries in Panama City, Panama can cost 50 to 70% less than in the United States
  • Panama is easily accessible from the continental US, and many different airlines have daily flights to Panama.
  • Visitors to Panama can stay up to 6 months in the country without applying for a visa. This is great since many surgeries require a significant time of recovery.
  • The hospitals in Panama City are extremely advanced and professional, and it is not uncommon for top surgeons, and doctors to have had some kind of training in the United States.
  • In addition, most of the top hospitals have affiliations and are duly recognized by international medical organizations such as the Johns Hopkins International, Baptist Health International of Miami, Cleveland Clinic, Tulane Health Science Center, and the Harvard Medical Facility among others.
  • But you don’t speak Spanish….don’t worry, these Surgeons and the majority of their staff speak English too.

Panama’s long association with the United States has left a distinct American footprint in its culture, giving it more advantages over other countries in providing healthcare to American patients using US standards of service and quality. This can be seen in the similarities in facilities, medical procedures and practices.

Panama is one of the best countries for a knee replacement surgery


You will find that these Orthopedic surgeons are up to date on the latest and greatest improvements in their field of practice.

They can perform minimally invasive knee replacement surgeries, with as little trauma as possible. Including smaller incisions compared to the traditional method.

Rapid recovery is always the goal, along with doing an operation that provides excellent long- term results. T

his less invasive approach carries with it the associated benefits of less post-operative pain, less blood loss and a smaller incision in addition to the faster rehabilitation.

Healthcare in general continues to increase in cost as well as becoming more difficulty to navigate through the confusing bureaucratic system to get the care your need.

Complex procedures can amount to thousands and thousands of dollars for that one procedure. Most of the time you don’t even know the ballpark cost going in to have it done.

Just deciding to have a knee replacement is a big decision to make. Several things play into that decision.

Is there another non-surgical option that I should try before I resort to surgery? Maybe those Stem cell injections would help.

Is this the best time for surgery, do I have the time to recuperate the way I need to?

What potential problems am I at risk for? Make sure what the best treatment plan is for you currently.

And of course, let’s not forget the price tag. Whether you have health insurance or not, rarely does someone have this type of procedure without paying something out of pocket.

In 2020 the estimated cost of a total knee replacement in the U.S. ranged from $30,000 to $50,000 and they increase daily. But how many hospitals gave you a break-down of that cost BEFORE you decided to have the procedure?

What did that cost include? Did it cover the anesthesia and doctor’s fees? Did it cover your post-op therapy treatments?

Even if you have met your deductible chances are high you will pay something out of pocket.

So, if you want to know how much a knee replacement will cost, here is a list of things to check out.

Talk to your insurance company and see what they REALLY cover.

Ask about all of those “incidentals” such as additional testing, diagnostic imaging, extra days in the hospital because you have some additional health problems that need to be monitored.

Don’t forget about the ancillary products you will need. Like the ice machine that goes on your knee they will want you to purchase to speed your recovery, the special hose you will wear to promote circulation. All of these have a cost.

Recovering After your Knee Replacement in Panama City

Your post-op recovery plan. Where you go to recover immediately after your surgery can affect total costs. Whether you go home to recover or stay somewhere for a couple days physical therapy rehab will be a big part of your recovery process for your knee replacement.

Knee Surgery Cost

In Panama City, Panama you can have this same procedure done for approximately $20,000. That INCLUDES:

– your surgeon and anesthesia fees
– your knee implant/prosthesis
– all Operating room charges
– 3 days of a PRIVATE room, if needed
– standard medications needed
– the ancillary equipment needed
– diagnostic imaging needed

And they accept multiple different types of healthcare insurance. Depending on what type of insurance you have it may cover this procedure in another country.

Recently I spoke with my carrier that said they would give the same amount of coverage in another country as long as I could give them the address of where I was staying during the procedure.

Stem Cells for Orthopedic Conditions

Stem cell therapy uses our body’s natural healing ability to help treat various orthopedic conditions. It’s a form of regenerative medicine that is used to repair damage and/or diseased tissue.

The goal of stem cell therapy is to increase the number of stem cells at the site of the damage or injured tissue. Enhancing the natural repair system of the patient’s body.

We all have stem cells in our body. However, with increased age the supply of those cells in the damaged area can be decreased.

Stem cell treatments can be used for treatment for several Orthopedic conditions such as Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, as well as Spinal cord injuries.

Other names for these conditions include Degenerative Joint Disease and Degenerative Arthritis. Whichever name you use, it all comes down to one word…..PAIN.

There are multiple treatments these days for these conditions. Stem Cell therapy is a non-surgical treatment for these conditions that have showed very promising results over the last 20 years.

The Type of Stem Cells Being Administered

There are two major types of stem cells: embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells.

Embryonic stem cells (ESCs) are stem cells derived from human embryos. These particular cells are able to develop into almost any other type of cell in the body.

As the embryo develops and becomes a baby, stem cells are distributed throughout the body. They reside in certain areas of each tissue, such as the bone marrow and blood.

The job of these cells is to renew old and worn-out tissue/cells as we age. These are called adult stem cells.

Just like embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells can also turn into more than one cell type, but their differentiation is restricted to a limited number of cell types.

If you are not ready for a surgical orthopedic procedure and want to try a more conservative treatment. Contact Healthcare Adventures for further information.

Knee Replacement in Panama City

Because of its high-quality and low-cost medical care, and the U.S. affiliations of several of its hospitals, Panama City has become a popular medical tourism destination. Panama City is known throughout Latin America for its excellent clinics and hospitals.

Over the years, patients have decided to try medical tourism and the advantages that come with it. Such as knowing the cost of your procedure up front and that cost being much less out of their pocket than what they were finding at home.

Of course, having the opportunity to travel to a gorgeous destination and try out a difference culture doesn’t seem too bad either. The best part of the journey may be the healing and therapeutic touch that you need to be able to get back to enjoying life again.

If you’re considering a medical tourism knee replace to save money and time, contact Healthcare Adventures and speak to our professional consultants one on one to see what the best fit might be for you.

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