Your Options For Cosmetic Surgery In Costa Rica

Your Options For Cosmetic Surgery In Costa Rica

Cosmetic Surgery in Costa Rica: derived from the Greek word Plastikos, the art of plastic or cosmetic surgery is akin as an art form to sculpting. Just as a sculptor uses knowledge of clay or marble, a cosmetic surgeon uses skill and knowledge of anatomy and physiology to mold the body into its proper function.

plastic surgery in Costa RicaThe aim of any cosmetic surgeon is first and foremost to have patients leave healthier and happier than they arrive, and this is achieved by correcting or reconstructing anatomical deficiencies and deformities.

Picking which plastic surgeon in Costa Rica to work with can therefore be a critically important and deeply personal decision.

Our hand-picked, quality surgeons specialize in dealing with foreign patients so if you’re looking for information on cosmetic surgery in Costa Rica read on.

Costa Rica tourismCosmetic and Plastic Surgeons in Costa Rica

As a popular tourist destination, Costa Rica has long offered visitors its famed beaches, coffee, and adventure.

Today, tourism provides the country with its primary source of economic activity, and among that is a growing industry of medical tourism. Costa Rica is now a top travel location for cosmetic surgical procedures.

No matter your cosmetic needs, surgical or non-surgical, reconstructive or aesthetic, Costa Rica has a provider who can help. You will receive a quality of care that is unparalleled, from a medical team whose professionalism is second to none. This should make the country an easy choice for any of your medical travel tourism.

Most of Costa Rica’s plastic surgeons have studied and trained at the top institutes in the world, spanning Brazil to Mexico, the United States to Europe.

With this training, they return to Costa Rica as bona fide professionals, establishing top-tier clinics with state-of-the-art tools and technology. They are also affiliated with the nation’s top hospitals, including Hospital CIMS, Clinica Biblica, and Clinica La Catolica, among others. The staff at these hospitals are well-versed in cosmetic surgery patient care, having worked with patients from around the world, and most speak English well.

Eyelid surgery costa ricaPlastic Surgery Treatments

Doing in-depth research to choose the right surgeon is critical for any surgical procedure, and plastic surgery is no exception.

As one of the top destinations for cosmetic alteration of this kind, Costa Rica has a wealth of surgeons to choose from. Their expertise includes breast lifts and augmentation, buttocks lifts, mommy makeovers, face lifts and reconstruction, breast reductions, eyelid surgery, and more.

Depending which procedure you are electing to undergo, the procedure will vary.

Some of the most common types of plastic surgery are the following:

Flap Surgery – In this procedure, the body’s tissues are transferred from one place to another. It is usually done for reconstructive purposes or for more complicated procedures, because using the body’s own tissues allows the transplanted area to heal more quickly with its own supply of blood.

Microsurgery – Microsurgery is a technique that uses minuscule sutures to connect nerves, veins, and arteries within a transplanted tissue area. This procedure speeds up the healing processing.

Skin Grafting – Skin grafting involves taking healthy skin from a donor area and transplanting it onto a damaged recipient area (e.g., for burns).

Tissue Expansion – Using a device called an expander, tissue expansion involves the body growing its own additional tissue in an area where the surrounding skin is extended. The device is balloon-like and inflated with saline solution after being inserted under the skin, allowing space for tissue to grow.

Common Medical Tourism Procedures in Costa Rica

The goal of cosmetic surgery is generally to improve the appearance of the patient, not necessarily to heal or treat disease. The client can choose a particular procedure or have a desired look that they would like for themselves, and cosmetic surgery allows them to achieve this.

Face lifts, for instance, can change the shape of the face, as can eyelid lifts, chin or lip implants, nose reshapes, and brow lifts.

Non-facial procedures can include breast or butt lifts, neck contouring, breast implants, breast augmentation, full body lift, tummy tucks, liposuction, and more.

Plastic surgery, on the other hand, usually refers to reconstructive surgery that is meant to address a damaged or deformed part of the body. Common examples of plastic surgery are reconstruction of abnormalities caused by burns, car accidents, scars, tumors, fractures, or other medical impairments. Breast implants or the redevelopment of removed breast tissue in breast cancer patients is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures.

Cosmetic Surgery in Costa Rica and Plastic Surgery Alternatives

costa rica flagBio Stimulators – These are intended to keep your skin tight and youthful-looking by increasing collagen production in the applied areas.

Botox – Botox is also known as Botulinum Toxin. It acts on areas of the skin where wrinkles are forming and paralyzes the affected region, preventing further skin lines.

CoolSculpting – This procedure freezes fat cells in your skin, crystallizing and killing them, allowing your body to naturally dispose of them and leaving fat-free skin behind.

Facial Fillers – Short-term, long-term, and permanent facial fillers allow you to improve the look and feel of your skin and avoid wrinkles without facial surgery.

Microdermabrasion – This technique involves applying a fine crystalline spray onto the desired area to remove layers of superficial dead skin, leaving the area youthful and refreshed.

Ultherapy – This is an ultrasound method for smoothing, tightening, and imparting youthful glow to the desired areas of the skin.

Length of Stay in Costa Rica

The type of surgery you are electing to undergo will determine your length of stay in Costa Rica. You may require extended inpatient care in the hospital after your surgery.

Reconstructive surgery for burn victims, for instance, can necessitate a long recovery period, depending on what percentage of the body has been burnt. The more severe the burn, the longer the stay.

For breast lumpectomies, tissue is removed from the breast and the patient is discharged that day. Mastectomies, on the other hand, involve removal of the entire breast, and the patient must stay in the hospital overnight. A further two days would be required for breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.

A butt lift will require varying time in the hospital post-procedure, depending on how the healing process goes.

Regardless of the procedure, it is recommended that at least 1-2 weeks of time be spent in Costa Rica to ensure follow-up, stitch removal, etc. can be performed.When you think about a lovely vacation in combination with quality doctors and a plastic surgery procedure you’d like to have, cosmetic surgery in Costa Rica makes good sense.

The bonus is you can have all this is for a fraction of the price it would cost in the US or Canada. Give us a call at Healthcare Adventures to explore your personal needs and wants.

We have the answers to all your questions about tourism, doctors and procedures in Costa Rica.

Dental Surgery in Costa Rica: What You Need to Know

Dental Surgery in Costa Rica: What You Need to Know

If you have considered cosmetic surgery overseas, you might have heard about Costa Rica and wondered about combining your dental surgery in Costa Rica with a vacation with family or friends.

Costa Rica has attracted medical tourists from every corner of the world for years and is ranked as one of the best spots for cosmetic surgery. It is also in the top ten destinations for people wanting cosmetic dental surgery.

This destination boasts affordable, high quality healthcare, making it an attractive option for those who don’t want to pay sky-high prices in their own country.

Reasons to Go Overseas for Dental Surgery

The demand for dental surgery in Costa Rica is higher than ever, thanks to affordable prices and top-quality services. Americans and Canadians choose Costa Rica for dental implants and other dental procedures every year because of its affordability and beautiful landscape.

A dental procedure that costs $10,000 in the United states may only cost $2000 in Costa Rica so you can see why dental tourism is becoming so popular in Costa Rica. You can add a vacation in with the cost and still come out ahead. It’s convenient and it’s affordable too.

Dental Surgery in Costa Rica - Healthcare AdventuresDental Surgery in Costa Rica: Dental Implants

A dental implant is designed to restore missing teeth or a missing tooth from the tip of the tooth to the root. An implant replicates the structure of the tooth so it stands strong in your mouth just like a normal tooth would. A little titanium post will be fitted into the gap where the missing tooth is, to act as a root. You can get a full mouth restoration or just get individual teeth replaced which is a partial mouth restoration. The cost of both is much cheaper when you take advantage of dental tourism in Costa Rica.

Dental implants are popular because, unlike with dentures, they won’t become loose after a few years, since the titanium post holds the crown in place. Implants will keep their shape and strength for years.

Top-quality dental implants from dentists in Costa Rica have been known to last for 30 years, making this a one-time surgery for many patients. Getting implants in Costa Rica will save you money in the long run.

How Destination Dentistry Saves You Money

Dental services overseas can be a fraction of the cost of what you would have to pay at home and there are various reasons for this. Costa Rica is not an expensive country. When you combine a vacation with your dental surgery, you can take advantage of cheap restaurants and hotels to choose from, and the service is excellent. Costa Rica is not an expensive country and it’s a lovely vacation destination.

A lot of destinations have free internet access or Wi-Fi and others offer transportation services free of charge. You might even find that breakfast is included in the room price. All of these can make traveling less stressful and more straightforward.

Dental Surgery in Costa Rica - Implants - Healthcare AdventuresWhy You Should Go to Costa Rica for Your Dental Treatment

Not only is Costa Rica a peaceful, beautiful country to visit but it is close to North America, which means frequent and relatively short flights. Although the main language spoken there is Spanish, most of the population speaks English.

Costa Rica has plenty of biodiversity regions compared to most other countries. More than a quarter of the land is made up of conservations and natural protected territory, making it a joy to explore before or after your dental procedure.

Costa Rica offers a high standard of dental services because the government has strict codes and regulations that the dental industry has to adhere to.

The country has one of the highest levels of public healthcare in the whole of Latin America and is also politically and socially stable. These are the main reasons Costa Rica is a very attractive option to dental patients.

Dental Surgery in Costa Rica - Healthcare AdventuresIs Dentistry Safe in Costa Rica?

Although going abroad for a procedure might seem daunting, once you know that the most skilled dentists are working in the best modern facilities in Costa Rica, you will see why so many people opt to go there for dental procedures.

Consult with Healthcare Adventures!

Consult with us to find a great certified clinic which follows local codes and safety guidelines. We help you plan your vacation and find the right dentist for your dental surgery in Costa Rica. We’ve done the work for you so you can make a confident decision about your dental treatment.

Our top priority at Healthcare Adventures is to make sure our patients from the US and Canada truly enjoy their dental tourism journey.

Our dentists are skilled professionals, use the best equipment and technology, most of which is imported from the United States. You will be able to get some of the best dental care for the best price and you’ll be able to enjoy a trip to a beautiful country.

Here are some Costa Rica dental surgery FAQs

Q: What is dental tourism?

This usually involves a patient needing dental work looking for dental care outside of their local healthcare system for a better price or to include a trip with their dental surgery.

Q: What are some tooth loss symptoms?

These generally start speaking and eating problems. This is often followed by a lack of confidence and self-esteem.

Q: Why is dental care so much more expensive in the US?

The US has unnaturally inflated high prices, often the highest in the world. There should be no difference in the quality of care between the US and Costa Rica.

Q: What’s the difference between an adequate dental school and a top one?

In Costa Rica, it costs much less to get a degree at an excellent dental school, so there are plenty of highly trained, skilled dentists for you to choose from.

Q: Why is Costa Rica a good choice?

This destination offers very competitive prices which are strictly regulated by the government. In addition, the quality of care is excellent and the country itself is beautiful.

Costa Rica boasts a gorgeous natural landscape and beautiful national parks and there is plenty to see and do. This country also offers very high standards of modern services because the government has such strict regulations the dental industry must follow.

Q: What are some good places to visit on your trip?

There are lots of wonderful tourist destinations for you to visit on your dental vacation, including the following:

Manuel Antonio Beach: The stunning white sandy beaches and turquoise ocean makes this a great place to relax after your dental treatment. The water boasts coral reefs and the shore is lined with the Costa Rican rainforest.

Arenal Volcano: Around this natural wonder you will find lakes, forests, caves, quaint towns, hot springs, forests, and more. People visit from all over the planet to enjoy the breathtaking view from the volcano. Don’t forget to bring your camera.

Tortuguero: This region is home to marine turtles who often come ashore to nest, along with some 400 bird species and monkeys too. There is a rain forest in this area also.

How to Arrange Your Travel the Easy Way with Healthcare Adventures

Here’s what we do for you!

Hotel: We find you a great hotel that’s not too far away from the your dental clinic. We’ll take care of the arrangements and book the hotel for you to ensure a pleasant stay. We’ll keep within your budget guidelines.

Dentist: We will make your appointment with one of our approved Healthcare Adventure dentists. This will a clinic that we recommended and we’ll make sure the scheduling is correct and convenient with your other plans.

Transport: We can arrange transport for you from the airport, so you will enjoy a hassle-free, warm welcome to Costa Rica.

Dental Surgery in Costa Rica - Healthcare AdventuresWhy Choose Health Care Adventures?

We consult with and work for you! Whether you just need some guidance on how to plan your dental surgery in Costa Rica or you need us to plan your trip from start to finish. We can help!

We’re the experts! We want to find you the best clinic for dental surgery in Costa Rica to match your dental needs and budget. This makes sure you will get the best smile makeover and have a fantastic stay.

Simply contact us with your dental concerns and any questions you may have, and we will make sure you return with both a fantastic smile and memories of a wonderful vacation.

Cabo San Lucas And Cancun: Ask Us About Implants In Mexico Dental Implants That Is

Cabo San Lucas And Cancun: Ask Us About Implants In Mexico (Dental Implants That Is)

What are Dental Implants?

Let’s talk about what a dental implant is. A dental implant is a surgically placed screw-type anchor that integrates with the jawbone to be used for tooth replacement or orthodontic treatment. Implants are typically composed of three separate parts.

The Implant:

This is the base support for your new tooth. Made from titanium or zirconium, it is the screw that replaces the root of a tooth. Implants can be used to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth. Stabilizing a bridge or denture is a common use for implants as well.

Healthcare Adventures-Dental Implants in MexicoThe Abutment:

This supports the crown. It is a connector that is placed in the implant. Depending on the specific needs of a patient, the material varies from titanium to zirconia. Titanium is the most popular.

The Crown:

This is your new tooth that is visible inside the mouth. It is attached to the abutment. It can also be made from different materials, including porcelain or gold.

If you have lost a tooth or even multiple teeth, implants have become the standard of care for replacement. According to the American Academy of Dentistry, there are over 5 million dental implants placed every year.

Just like the material options for your implant parts, there are options for anesthesia during your procedure.

Anesthesia for your Treatments

Local Anesthesia:

This is localized numbing of the treatment area. You remain conscious during the dental procedure and will not feel pain. Nitrous oxide, aka “laughing gas” or anti-anxiety medications like Valium, can be combined with local anesthesia to aid in a more relaxed feeling.

Healthcare Adventures Cabo MexicoIV Sedation:

This is a deeper anesthesia. An IV is used to introduce the medicine to achieve a brief but effective sedation. You may have memory of the actual procedure but will not feel pain.

General Anesthesia:

This is what most patients think of when “being put to sleep” for surgery. An IV is also used but with more profound effects, such as, no memory of the procedure and complete unconsciousness.

The type of anesthesia you choose will need to be addressed before the actual appointment. And some options require a friend or family member to drive for you. How do you get a friend to help drive you? Invite them to Mexico!

Dental Implants in Mexico

Now you know about dental implant procedures. Have you been told you need them? Does the price seem just too outrageous? You want to have the procedure but are hesitating because of the financial investment.

There may be other options out there for you. Full mouth dental implants can be extremely expensive, costing thousands of dollars for just a single tooth. That is why Mexico has become such a great choice for many Americans and Canadians.

It can save you thousands of dollars, depending on what you want and need to have done. The quality in many dental clinics is the same or better than in the United States. There are hundreds of dental clinics operating throughout Mexico. Especially in the high tourist vacation zones, such as Cabo and Cancun.

All sorts of dental procedures can be done there for a better price, not just implants. Many patients have a positive experience getting dental implants in Mexico, so much so that they come back over and over to have their dental care needs met.

If you are considering visiting a dentist in Mexico, chances are you have some questions. So keep reading for more information.

Cost of Dental Implants In Mexico

You have probably already received an estimate of the dental implant cost from your local dentist for a full mouth restoration or a single tooth implant. If not, it is a good idea to do this so you can accurately compare prices.

Next, get an estimate through Healthcare Adventures from one of our top-notch dentists. We can also assist you with estimates for travel expenses.

Either way, chances are you’re reading this article because you cannot afford to get the work you need back home, or you have been placed on a waiting list. Even relatively simple dental implant procedures can cost thousands of dollars.

If you need extensive work, especially multiple dental implants, you’re easily looking at five figures. There is good news because the cost of dental implants in Mexico can be 75% less overall and you get to choose how quickly you would like to get started.

As in the US and Canada, high-quality materials are used by highly trained dentists. This goes for a lot of other common dental procedures as well.

It is not uncommon for your dentist in Mexico to recommend a slightly different treatment plan than your U.S. or Canadian dentist. This can be for several reasons, one of which is that more than one treatment can resolve a dental issue. If you are ever unsure of the plan presented, get another opinion. Procedure prices, however, are usually the same for everyone. There may be small price variations related to each individual patient’s case, such as extractions, infections, medical history, bone loss, or other restoration options.

The best way to get accurate pricing for dental implants is to contact us for further details.

The main reason that dental prices are so much lower in Mexico is because the cost of living is lower. When the overhead of the business and rent are reduced, the dental clinic does not need to charge as much. Also, do not forget about the exchange rate of Pesos to the U.S. dollar. All of these things play a role.

Do not worry about the lower cost meaning lower standards. These reputable clinics we work with are held to the same standards as if they are in the U.S. or Canada. And they use the same implant manufacturers such as Zimmer Biomet and Nobel Biocare, to name a few.

Remember that your dental insurance plan may include coverage (in or out of network) for some dentists in Mexico. Check your policy to see if you are eligible for any extra discounts through your insurance company.

Here are some pricing comparisons:

    • The average cost for a dental implant and crows in the US is $3,900. In Cabo and Cancun it is around $1,600.
    • The average cost of a root canal, post and crown in the US is $2,800. In Cabo and Cancun it is around $850.
    • The average cost of a single dental crown in the US is $1200. In Cabo and Cancun it is around $450.

Please keep in mind that these are generalized prices because every patient and every case is different. 
All of our dental clinics are on par with what you would expect from your home dental clinic.

The customer service and clinical outcomes will leave you wondering why you did not give dental tourism a try sooner.

These dental clinics also have guarantees or warranties on any materials they use and the procedure itself. Just another benefit of using a quality dentist in Mexico.

Dental Tourism in Cabo San Lucas and Cancun, Mexico

These areas of Mexico are very popular with Americans and Canadians for good reason. There are large expat communities in these areas, as well. This is just one of the many reasons the dental and medical community is so extensive. Both cities have convenient airports with non-stop flights from many major hubs in the U.S. and Canada. This is helpful if your dental treatment plan requires several visits.

They have just about everything you would want in a tourist destination. You can find high-octane partying locations, sightseeing by ATVs, glass bottom boat tours or the tranquility and peace that comes with a private spot on a beautiful beach. You can pick and choose your type of vacation activity prior to or after your dental procedure.

Healthcare-Adventures Cabo, MexicoThe accommodations are limitless. You can spoil yourself at an all-inclusive 5-star resort with those breathtaking Pacific ocean views in Cabo or a private rental with blue-water views of the Caribbean in Cancun. We can tailor your travel plans to fit your budget.

No worries on language barriers, either. English is widely spoken. However, we can arrange for an interpreter to ease your mind.

Our Health Care Adventures vacation destinations must have perfect weather throughout the year. Temperatures average 78°F. Even with August and September being the hottest months, reaching 100°F, you can still cool off in the resort pools.

The peak season for tourists is from October to April, enjoying a holiday while on holiday doesn’t sound too bad.

Dental Tourism Destinations: Where do I start my dental tourism journey?

As you can see, finding the best Mexican dentist in a great location can be a daunting task. But guess what? You don’t have to do it because our team at Healthcare Adventures will do for you.

Here’s what we have for you:

    • Outstanding dentists and dental staff with state of the art dental clinics
    • Detailed vacation planning and booking to gorgeous destinations
    • Concierge service from your Healthcare Adventures team

All you have to do is give us a call and we will take it from there. Speak to an actual person one-on-one and give them your information.

Our team will set up a custom package for you that exceeds your expectation within the budget you have set. Then you can sit back and relax knowing we have taken care of the details for you.

Orthopedic Total Knee Replacement In Panama City, Panama

Orthopedic Total Knee Replacement In Panama City, Panama

Are you struggling with osteoarthritis or knee injury?

Do you have constant pain? Is the inability to go about your day-to-day life getting you down?

Are you looking for an effective and safe method to regain your knee flexibility with a knee replacement?

We can help answer your questions about a knee replacement in Panama City.

Have you been told you need knee replacement surgery but:

A: You can’t get it as soon as you want it or

B: Your health insurance provider won’t pay for it or

C: You don’t even have health insurance at this time.

Well, keep reading because we’ve got answers for you.

What if I told you that you had other options?

You could have your procedure done in the time frame that you wanted AND a price that was far better than what you had given by your U.S. based doctor.

Take a look….

  • Surgeries in Panama City, Panama can cost 50 to 70% less than in the United States
  • Panama is easily accessible from the continental US, and many different airlines have daily flights to Panama.
  • Visitors to Panama can stay up to 6 months in the country without applying for a visa. This is great since many surgeries require a significant time of recovery.
  • The hospitals in Panama City are extremely advanced and professional, and it is not uncommon for top surgeons, and doctors to have had some kind of training in the United States.
  • In addition, most of the top hospitals have affiliations and are duly recognized by international medical organizations such as the Johns Hopkins International, Baptist Health International of Miami, Cleveland Clinic, Tulane Health Science Center, and the Harvard Medical Facility among others.
  • But you don’t speak Spanish….don’t worry, these Surgeons and the majority of their staff speak English too.

Panama’s long association with the United States has left a distinct American footprint in its culture, giving it more advantages over other countries in providing healthcare to American patients using US standards of service and quality. This can be seen in the similarities in facilities, medical procedures and practices.

Panama is one of the best countries for a knee replacement surgery


You will find that these Orthopedic surgeons are up to date on the latest and greatest improvements in their field of practice.

They can perform minimally invasive knee replacement surgeries, with as little trauma as possible. Including smaller incisions compared to the traditional method.

Rapid recovery is always the goal, along with doing an operation that provides excellent long- term results. T

his less invasive approach carries with it the associated benefits of less post-operative pain, less blood loss and a smaller incision in addition to the faster rehabilitation.

Healthcare in general continues to increase in cost as well as becoming more difficulty to navigate through the confusing bureaucratic system to get the care your need.

Complex procedures can amount to thousands and thousands of dollars for that one procedure. Most of the time you don’t even know the ballpark cost going in to have it done.

Just deciding to have a knee replacement is a big decision to make. Several things play into that decision.

Is there another non-surgical option that I should try before I resort to surgery? Maybe those Stem cell injections would help.

Is this the best time for surgery, do I have the time to recuperate the way I need to?

What potential problems am I at risk for? Make sure what the best treatment plan is for you currently.

And of course, let’s not forget the price tag. Whether you have health insurance or not, rarely does someone have this type of procedure without paying something out of pocket.

In 2020 the estimated cost of a total knee replacement in the U.S. ranged from $30,000 to $50,000 and they increase daily. But how many hospitals gave you a break-down of that cost BEFORE you decided to have the procedure?

What did that cost include? Did it cover the anesthesia and doctor’s fees? Did it cover your post-op therapy treatments?

Even if you have met your deductible chances are high you will pay something out of pocket.

So, if you want to know how much a knee replacement will cost, here is a list of things to check out.

Talk to your insurance company and see what they REALLY cover.

Ask about all of those “incidentals” such as additional testing, diagnostic imaging, extra days in the hospital because you have some additional health problems that need to be monitored.

Don’t forget about the ancillary products you will need. Like the ice machine that goes on your knee they will want you to purchase to speed your recovery, the special hose you will wear to promote circulation. All of these have a cost.

Recovering After your Knee Replacement in Panama City

Your post-op recovery plan. Where you go to recover immediately after your surgery can affect total costs. Whether you go home to recover or stay somewhere for a couple days physical therapy rehab will be a big part of your recovery process for your knee replacement.

Knee Surgery Cost

In Panama City, Panama you can have this same procedure done for approximately $20,000. That INCLUDES:

– your surgeon and anesthesia fees
– your knee implant/prosthesis
– all Operating room charges
– 3 days of a PRIVATE room, if needed
– standard medications needed
– the ancillary equipment needed
– diagnostic imaging needed

And they accept multiple different types of healthcare insurance. Depending on what type of insurance you have it may cover this procedure in another country.

Recently I spoke with my carrier that said they would give the same amount of coverage in another country as long as I could give them the address of where I was staying during the procedure.

Stem Cells for Orthopedic Conditions

Stem cell therapy uses our body’s natural healing ability to help treat various orthopedic conditions. It’s a form of regenerative medicine that is used to repair damage and/or diseased tissue.

The goal of stem cell therapy is to increase the number of stem cells at the site of the damage or injured tissue. Enhancing the natural repair system of the patient’s body.

We all have stem cells in our body. However, with increased age the supply of those cells in the damaged area can be decreased.

Stem cell treatments can be used for treatment for several Orthopedic conditions such as Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, as well as Spinal cord injuries.

Other names for these conditions include Degenerative Joint Disease and Degenerative Arthritis. Whichever name you use, it all comes down to one word…..PAIN.

There are multiple treatments these days for these conditions. Stem Cell therapy is a non-surgical treatment for these conditions that have showed very promising results over the last 20 years.

The Type of Stem Cells Being Administered

There are two major types of stem cells: embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells.

Embryonic stem cells (ESCs) are stem cells derived from human embryos. These particular cells are able to develop into almost any other type of cell in the body.

As the embryo develops and becomes a baby, stem cells are distributed throughout the body. They reside in certain areas of each tissue, such as the bone marrow and blood.

The job of these cells is to renew old and worn-out tissue/cells as we age. These are called adult stem cells.

Just like embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells can also turn into more than one cell type, but their differentiation is restricted to a limited number of cell types.

If you are not ready for a surgical orthopedic procedure and want to try a more conservative treatment. Contact Healthcare Adventures for further information.

Knee Replacement in Panama City

Because of its high-quality and low-cost medical care, and the U.S. affiliations of several of its hospitals, Panama City has become a popular medical tourism destination. Panama City is known throughout Latin America for its excellent clinics and hospitals.

Over the years, patients have decided to try medical tourism and the advantages that come with it. Such as knowing the cost of your procedure up front and that cost being much less out of their pocket than what they were finding at home.

Of course, having the opportunity to travel to a gorgeous destination and try out a difference culture doesn’t seem too bad either. The best part of the journey may be the healing and therapeutic touch that you need to be able to get back to enjoying life again.

If you’re considering a medical tourism knee replace to save money and time, contact Healthcare Adventures and speak to our professional consultants one on one to see what the best fit might be for you.