What is an Orthopedic Shoulder Surgery Procedure Like in Panama City?

When it comes to shoulder surgical procedures, the associated costs can quickly add up. If you have looked into orthopedic shoulder surgery in the United States, you may be feeling overwhelmed by how much it could cost you. However, don’t lose hope because there is still an option! Seeking out your surgical procedure abroad can help you save on associated surgery costs and can provide you with access to excellent healthcare.

Our quality surgeons provide individualized care to their patients and we ensure that these professionals are well equipped to handle foreign patients, providing you with a seamless experience for your orthopedic shoulder surgery in Panama City.

Read on to learn more about the shoulder surgical process, as well as how an experience in Panama can benefit you and your wallet.

What is Shoulder Surgery?

The shoulder joint is actually composed of several different body parts. These include your humerus, scapula, and clavicle. Tendons and connective tissues also help to make up this joint and hold your bones together. Your rotator cuff consists of tendons, as well as ligaments, that sit overtop your shoulder joint. Cartilage and synovial fluid also make up your shoulder joint. Damage to any portion of your shoulder joint could lead to serious issues that may require surgery.

Shoulder surgery is generally recommended or advised by a medical professional when you experience damage to or dislocation of your shoulder joint. Damage can occur due to injury, aging, or even disease. Your doctor will typically attempt to correct the issue by utilizing less invasive measures first. If those fail, surgery may become an option for you.

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There are several different types of shoulder surgery. Depending on the severity of your issue, as well as the location, your healthcare team may recommend different options. Some types of shoulder surgery options are:

  • Arthroscopy. This is a surgery that utilizes a tool called an arthroscope. This tool has a tiny camera attached to the end of it, so that your surgeon can view your shoulder joint from the inside through a very small incision. The images of your joint will then be projected onto a screen for your surgeon to view. From there, they can perform the surgery to repair your shoulder.
  • Arthroplasty. This procedure involves the complete removal and replacement of the shoulder joint or resurfacing of a shoulder joint. While this procedure is usually recommended for those suffering from diseased joints due to arthritis, it can also be recommended for those who have experienced damage to their shoulder joint. This includes bone fractures. Total replacement or partial replacement will be completed with an artificial material mimicking a real joint.
  • Rotator Cuff Repair. The rotator cuff allows your shoulder joint to rotate. It is considered one of the most important aspects of your shoulder. Injury to this portion of your shoulder can inhibit mobility. Depending on the type of injury to your rotator cuff, you will be presented with different options. This could include an open repair option or an arthroscope option.

Shoulder surgery may also be recommended for those that are suffering from certain conditions or specific injuries. Having surgery can help to relieve pressure, minimize pain, or aid in the healing process. This includes arthritis, bursitis, dislocation, and separation.

How is Shoulder Surgery Performed?

Shoulder surgery is performed in a hospital setting or outpatient care center. What the surgery will specifically entail will depend on your individualized care plan, the location of the injury, and the type of injury. This type of surgery is generally performed while a patient is under either general anesthesia or regional anesthesia. Typically, your surgeon will be using one of two approaches:

  • Minimally Invasive. Specialized tools are utilized to examine and repair your shoulder by using small incisions, as well as small instruments. Generally, your surgeon will be able to view the inside of your shoulder and your shoulder joint by viewing using a tiny camera instrument called an arthroscope. Since these incisions are so small, patients can expect a shorter recovery time and may experience less pain.
  • Open surgery. This type of surgery involves making a large incision. This incision is large enough for your surgeon to view inside your shoulder and make repairs. Open surgery is associated with longer recovery times. This is due to more muscle and tissues being displaced, which can lead to more soreness or limitations during recovery.

How Can I Best Prepare for My Shoulder Surgery?

It is important to do your due diligence when it comes to your health. Be prepared to speak with your healthcare team, as well as your surgeon. This includes preparing any questions you have about the surgery or recovery. You call also prepare for the surgery by:

  • Answering all health screening questions honestly. Your surgeon or medical team may ask you about any prior conditions, allergies, or any medications you are currently taking. It is important to be honest and upfront on all questions that are asked by your team to optimize your comfort and care.
  • Following all preoperative instructions. You will receive a care guide or detailed instructions that you should follow in the hours or days leading up to your shoulder surgery. This could include refraining from eating or drinking for an extended period of time.
  • Stopping smoking if you are a smoker. All healthcare professionals will recommend you stop smoking for as long as possible leading up to your surgery.

Benefits of Orthopedic Shoulder Surgery Abroad

One of the main reasons that people opt to have their shoulder surgery abroad is that it helps them to save money on the procedure. In general, visitors can expect to save around 60% of the total cost that they would’ve paid for their surgery in the United States.

Another reason is that it provides you with an experience to visit a new place. Before your surgery takes place, you can give yourself some time to explore Panama City. Consider it a mini-holiday.

Medical tourism companies can help individuals save money and help streamline their travel experience. For instance, your representative can help you book your accommodations, your specific hospital and surgeon, and provide you with an all inclusive experience.

What to Expect After Your Orthopedic Shoulder Surgery in Panama City, Panama

After your shoulder surgery is completed, you may not be able to fly home right away. Generally, this is decided on a case by case basis. You will need to speak to your surgeon and ask your medical care team. It is likely that you will begin physical therapy the next day, depending on your type of surgery. The physical therapist will guide you through exercises that will help your shoulder heal, as well as help you regain mobility. Once you arrive home, it is important to follow the aftercare guide that is given to you. You will also want to continue your physical therapy programs.

How Do I Apply for Shoulder Surgery Abroad?

Working alongside a medical tourism company can allow you to experience a more streamlined solution when it comes to every aspect of your shoulder surgery abroad. This includes everything from selecting your surgeon to determining which hospital you’d like to choose. The first thing you will want to do is check to see what your insurance covers, as it may cover treatment carried out abroad. Even if insurance isn’t an option, payment plans typically always are. Your representative will help you sort through all of your options and help you complete the whole application process.

How to Find a Shoulder Surgeon in Panama City, Panama

Panama City is known for its level of high-quality care for both private and public clinics. However, finding an orthopedic shoulder surgeon in Panama City can feel like a daunting task. Our trained professionals have an extensive vetted list of qualified surgeons, physicians, and healthcare teams that are ready to meet your needs. Our surgeons are dedicated to providing individualized care plans for their patients and will answer any questions you have about your shoulder surgery. We strive to provide our clients with a streamlined medical experience that allows them to put their own health at the forefront, while we pull the strings to make the process easy and affordable.


Does Panama have free healthcare?
Panama does not have universal healthcare. Instead, they have a two-tiered system. One tier encompasses private care, like private clinics, and one is public care. The public option, which features a pay per service system, is the cheaper option. However, expats remark on both levels being that of quality care.

Does Panama have good healthcare?
Panama City is generally regarded as the gold standard for healthcare services in Panama. Expats have long utilized Panama City for their affordable and quality care, whether in a hospital or private clinic.

What happens if you wait too long for shoulder surgery?
Waiting too long to get your shoulder surgery could result in long-term complications or even permanent injury. Delaying surgery can lead to you experiencing daily shoulder pain, which could be remedied with surgery.

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