Dental Surgery in Costa Rica: What You Need to Know

If you have considered cosmetic surgery overseas, you might have heard about Costa Rica and wondered about combining your dental surgery in Costa Rica with a vacation with family or friends.

Costa Rica has attracted medical tourists from every corner of the world for years and is ranked as one of the best spots for cosmetic surgery. It is also in the top ten destinations for people wanting cosmetic dental surgery.

This destination boasts affordable, high quality healthcare, making it an attractive option for those who don’t want to pay sky-high prices in their own country.

Reasons to Go Overseas for Dental Surgery

The demand for dental surgery in Costa Rica is higher than ever, thanks to affordable prices and top-quality services. Americans and Canadians choose Costa Rica for dental implants and other dental procedures every year because of its affordability and beautiful landscape.

A dental procedure that costs $10,000 in the United states may only cost $2000 in Costa Rica so you can see why dental tourism is becoming so popular in Costa Rica. You can add a vacation in with the cost and still come out ahead. It’s convenient and it’s affordable too.

Dental Surgery in Costa Rica - Healthcare AdventuresDental Surgery in Costa Rica: Dental Implants

A dental implant is designed to restore missing teeth or a missing tooth from the tip of the tooth to the root. An implant replicates the structure of the tooth so it stands strong in your mouth just like a normal tooth would. A little titanium post will be fitted into the gap where the missing tooth is, to act as a root. You can get a full mouth restoration or just get individual teeth replaced which is a partial mouth restoration. The cost of both is much cheaper when you take advantage of dental tourism in Costa Rica.

Dental implants are popular because, unlike with dentures, they won’t become loose after a few years, since the titanium post holds the crown in place. Implants will keep their shape and strength for years.

Top-quality dental implants from dentists in Costa Rica have been known to last for 30 years, making this a one-time surgery for many patients. Getting implants in Costa Rica will save you money in the long run.

How Destination Dentistry Saves You Money

Dental services overseas can be a fraction of the cost of what you would have to pay at home and there are various reasons for this. Costa Rica is not an expensive country. When you combine a vacation with your dental surgery, you can take advantage of cheap restaurants and hotels to choose from, and the service is excellent. Costa Rica is not an expensive country and it’s a lovely vacation destination.

A lot of destinations have free internet access or Wi-Fi and others offer transportation services free of charge. You might even find that breakfast is included in the room price. All of these can make traveling less stressful and more straightforward.

Dental Surgery in Costa Rica - Implants - Healthcare AdventuresWhy You Should Go to Costa Rica for Your Dental Treatment

Not only is Costa Rica a peaceful, beautiful country to visit but it is close to North America, which means frequent and relatively short flights. Although the main language spoken there is Spanish, most of the population speaks English.

Costa Rica has plenty of biodiversity regions compared to most other countries. More than a quarter of the land is made up of conservations and natural protected territory, making it a joy to explore before or after your dental procedure.

Costa Rica offers a high standard of dental services because the government has strict codes and regulations that the dental industry has to adhere to.

The country has one of the highest levels of public healthcare in the whole of Latin America and is also politically and socially stable. These are the main reasons Costa Rica is a very attractive option to dental patients.

Dental Surgery in Costa Rica - Healthcare AdventuresIs Dentistry Safe in Costa Rica?

Although going abroad for a procedure might seem daunting, once you know that the most skilled dentists are working in the best modern facilities in Costa Rica, you will see why so many people opt to go there for dental procedures.

Consult with Healthcare Adventures!

Consult with us to find a great certified clinic which follows local codes and safety guidelines. We help you plan your vacation and find the right dentist for your dental surgery in Costa Rica. We’ve done the work for you so you can make a confident decision about your dental treatment.

Our top priority at Healthcare Adventures is to make sure our patients from the US and Canada truly enjoy their dental tourism journey.

Our dentists are skilled professionals, use the best equipment and technology, most of which is imported from the United States. You will be able to get some of the best dental care for the best price and you’ll be able to enjoy a trip to a beautiful country.

Here are some Costa Rica dental surgery FAQs

Q: What is dental tourism?

This usually involves a patient needing dental work looking for dental care outside of their local healthcare system for a better price or to include a trip with their dental surgery.

Q: What are some tooth loss symptoms?

These generally start speaking and eating problems. This is often followed by a lack of confidence and self-esteem.

Q: Why is dental care so much more expensive in the US?

The US has unnaturally inflated high prices, often the highest in the world. There should be no difference in the quality of care between the US and Costa Rica.

Q: What’s the difference between an adequate dental school and a top one?

In Costa Rica, it costs much less to get a degree at an excellent dental school, so there are plenty of highly trained, skilled dentists for you to choose from.

Q: Why is Costa Rica a good choice?

This destination offers very competitive prices which are strictly regulated by the government. In addition, the quality of care is excellent and the country itself is beautiful.

Costa Rica boasts a gorgeous natural landscape and beautiful national parks and there is plenty to see and do. This country also offers very high standards of modern services because the government has such strict regulations the dental industry must follow.

Q: What are some good places to visit on your trip?

There are lots of wonderful tourist destinations for you to visit on your dental vacation, including the following:

Manuel Antonio Beach: The stunning white sandy beaches and turquoise ocean makes this a great place to relax after your dental treatment. The water boasts coral reefs and the shore is lined with the Costa Rican rainforest.

Arenal Volcano: Around this natural wonder you will find lakes, forests, caves, quaint towns, hot springs, forests, and more. People visit from all over the planet to enjoy the breathtaking view from the volcano. Don’t forget to bring your camera.

Tortuguero: This region is home to marine turtles who often come ashore to nest, along with some 400 bird species and monkeys too. There is a rain forest in this area also.

How to Arrange Your Travel the Easy Way with Healthcare Adventures

Here’s what we do for you!

Hotel: We find you a great hotel that’s not too far away from the your dental clinic. We’ll take care of the arrangements and book the hotel for you to ensure a pleasant stay. We’ll keep within your budget guidelines.

Dentist: We will make your appointment with one of our approved Healthcare Adventure dentists. This will a clinic that we recommended and we’ll make sure the scheduling is correct and convenient with your other plans.

Transport: We can arrange transport for you from the airport, so you will enjoy a hassle-free, warm welcome to Costa Rica.

Dental Surgery in Costa Rica - Healthcare AdventuresWhy Choose Health Care Adventures?

We consult with and work for you! Whether you just need some guidance on how to plan your dental surgery in Costa Rica or you need us to plan your trip from start to finish. We can help!

We’re the experts! We want to find you the best clinic for dental surgery in Costa Rica to match your dental needs and budget. This makes sure you will get the best smile makeover and have a fantastic stay.

Simply contact us with your dental concerns and any questions you may have, and we will make sure you return with both a fantastic smile and memories of a wonderful vacation.

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