Complete Guide to Getting Crowns and Veneers in Cancun, Mexico

Whether it is necessary or elective, nobody looks forward to dental work. People often put off dental procedures for months, sometimes even years, for a variety of reasons. With always-rising costs of healthcare in the United States and Canada, dental work may be too expensive. Some people have a phobia of dental work and are simply too uncomfortable to get it done. Others may put off things like crowns and veneers out of fear that it will change their appearance.

In an effort to save some money, relax a bit, and have more privacy before and after dental work, many people are pursuing medical tourism and considering getting crowns and veneers in Mexico. If you’re curious about dental work in Mexico, traveling to Cancun for crowns or veneers may be a great option!

Benefits of Getting Crowns and Veneers in Cancun

  • Cost – Dental work, and medical care in general, tends to be significantly less expensive in Mexico than in the United States. Dental work can be cost-prohibitive for many people, and finding a way to get it cheaper may be the only option.
  • Relax and remove stressors – Dental work causes many patients fear and anxiety. Escaping daily stressors and relaxing in a beautiful location can help to calm nerves and result in a much more pleasant experience.
  • Private recovery – Often times dental work can change your appearance and cause discomfort during recovery. Getting crowns or veneers in Cancun offers time and space to recover away from home and work, and freedom to adjust to your new smile while enjoying a fun and relaxing vacation.
  • Combine time off for dental work with vacation time – Especially if you’re looking at full mouth dental work, you’ll likely need to take a few days off after the procedure. Full mouth restoration with crowns and/or veneers can cause things like swelling and soreness, and most people benefit from some downtime after getting dental work. By combining a vacation with getting dental care, you can maximize your time off and finally take the Cancun vacation you’ve been waiting for!

Cost of Crowns and Veneers in Cancun, Mexico

  • Cost of crowns in Cancun – the average cost of a crown in Mexico is just over $500, compared with an average cost of about $1000 per crown in the United States
  • Cost of veneers in Cancun – the cost per porcelain veneer in Mexico is just under $300 on average, as opposed to nearly $1000 per veneer in the United States

Why is Dental Care Cheaper in Cancun than in the United States or Canada?

There are a few reasons why dental work is less expensive in Mexico. Many people incorrectly assume that dental care in Cancun, or anywhere in Mexico, is less expensive because it is lower quality work. This is largely incorrect, and the following reasons enable dentists in Mexico to provide quality dental care at much lower prices than in the United States:

  • Cost of living – Lower cost of living means lower costs of just about everything. Food, housing, utilities, everything that people need and do on a daily basis is more affordable, including dental work like crowns and veneers
  • Cost of education – Dentists in Mexico can get a quality education for a fraction of the cost of dental school in the United States. U.S. dentists often need to keep prices high to compensate for the cost of their education and cover expenses like student loan payment, whereas Mexican dentists often enter the workforce with little to no loan balance.
  • Cost of business – The cost of doing business, including dentistry, is less in Cancun than in most regions of the United States. Dental practices have fewer fees, lower overhead costs, and Mexican dentists are not required to carry expensive malpractice insurance like dentists in the United States.

Insurance Coverage for Crowns and Veneers in Cancun

Some insurance policies cover dental procedures in Mexico and some don’t – the only way to find out is to contact your insurance company and get clarification on your policy. Many insurance policies will partially cover crowns and veneers in Cancun if dental work in Mexico is performed by an approved dentist. Even partial coverage can take a big chunk off the total bill for getting dental care.

Safety Concerns When Getting Dental Work in Cancun

Many people may have concerns regarding the safety of their dental care in Mexico, as well as their general safety while traveling in a foreign country. Contrary to popular belief, Cancun is a safe place to vacation – negative stories are the ones that make headlines, but massive numbers of people travel to Mexico for vacation every year and never encounter a single safety issue. You can ensure your general safety by sticking to tourist-approved locations and activities, and being conscious of your surroundings should you need to leave your resort property or vacation area.

Regarding the safety of your dental procedures, its important to do some research. Thousands of Americans get dental work in Mexico every year, and there are plenty of reviews available from past patients. The vast majority of patients receiving dental work in Mexico are pleased with their experiences, and dentists in Cancun who cater to the medical tourism industry must meet international expectations to stay competitive and continue to get business from the United States and Canada.
Dental education in Mexico is comparable to dental education in other countries. As we mentioned earlier, the cost of dental services is a result of overall costs of living, education, and doing business – not a result of the quality of dental care offered.

How to Find a Dentist in Cancun, Mexico

In contrast to how it works in the United States and Canada, once a dentist has completed his or her education there is no licensure requirement in Mexico. While this certainly means that some not-so-great dentists are doing dental work in Cancun, they are in the minority. Above simply searching for dental clinics in Cancun, there are a few additional ways to ensure that you are visiting a qualified dentist for your dental care.

  • The Mexican Dental Association – Membership in this association offers certification to top-quality dentists providing dental care in Mexico. Membership is valid for only five years, providing some incentive for dentists practicing in Mexico to pursue education and professional development. Many Mexican dentists also boost their credentials by joining various professional associations and certifying agencies based in other countries. Searching the Mexican Dental Association and other groups is a great place to start when looking for a qualified dentist for dental work in Cancun.
  • Reviews – A quick internet search is sure to provide multiple lists of top-rated dentists in Cancun. Whether you’re looking for a list of popular options or specific patient reviews for a particular clinic of interest, there are plenty of reviews to be found.
  • A medical tourism agency – Agencies like Healthcare Adventures exist specifically to match you with the right care providers for your needs. A medical tourism agency knows what to look for in a provider to ensure a positive experience, and they often have up-to-date lists of preferred providers for procedures like crown and veneers in Cancun.

Things to Consider When Getting Crowns and Veneers in Cancun, Mexico

  • Have a trusted dentist at home – Even the best dental work can have issues arise down the road after a procedure. Before getting dental care in Cancun, make sure that you have a dentist at home in case your dental work needs adjustment after you return.
  • Stay long enough to recover and notice any issues – Of course, nobody needs much of an excuse to maximize their time spent on vacation! When traveling to Cancun for dental work, make sure you allow at least a few days after your procedure to stay in the area. That way, if anything does come up such as discomfort or infection, you can have it easily taken care of by the same dentist.
  • Cost of vacation on top of dental care – While your dental care in Mexico will likely be significantly cheaper than at home, you’ll likely make up most of that savings with the cost of vacation accommodations, activities, food, etc. By talking with medical tourism professionals to plan your trip, you’ll get the best experience at the best price. Many people are able to book an entire dental vacation for the same price (or less!) than they would pay just for crowns or veneers in the United States or Canada.


Q: Is it safe to get dental work in Cancun, Mexico?

Yes! Safety can be an issue in any country, but Cancun is full of beautiful and safe areas for top-quality vacationing and dental work. Booking your dental vacation through a knowledgeable agent ensures that you end up in a safe area and receive quality dental care.

Q: Is it cheaper to get crowns and veneers in Cancun, Mexico?

Typically, yes! Costs of living and doing business in Mexico are far lower than in the United States and Canada, making the cost of things like crowns and veneers far lower as well. On average, these procedures in Mexico cost less than half of what they do in the United States and Canada.

Q: Are dentists in Cancun qualified to do crowns and veneers?

There are plenty of excellent dentists in Cancun. Dentists can get a great dental education in Mexico, and many travel abroad to complete their dental education. Dentists in Cancun who cater to medical tourism ensure that your experience is clean, safe, and exceeds your expectations. Many are even members of international dental associations and adhere to international standards of care.

Q: Will my insurance cover crowns and veneers in Cancun?

Possibly! Some policies offer coverage for dental work in Mexico, including crowns and veneers in Cancun. The best way to find out is to contact your insurance provider.

Q: How can I plan a dental work vacation in Cancun?

Talk to an experienced medical tourism agent at Healthcare Adventures! We have resources and expertise to help you combine the best dental care and ideal vacation experience to suit your needs.

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