Our Concierge Service

“I need personalized service to explore all my options.”

One of the biggest hurdles in arranging medical procedures in Mexico or elsewhere is sorting through all of the hundreds of options available and determining which ones are the best fit for your goals, priorities, and budget.

Helping you through all of this is our specialty at Healthcare Adventures!

You can speak to a member of our team privately 1-on-1 to ask questions and tell us your objectives. Together we can work out what options are best for you.

Some of the frequent things that people ask us about include:
• Which medical facilities accept US insurance?
• Which physicians and providers are certified to US standards?
• Who has the best reputation for the procedure I want?
• How much money can I save compared to my local costs?
• Where can I get 5-Star pampering during pre and post-op?
• What hotels are nearby the medical facility I want?
• What airlines offer the best routes and prices?
• Who will help me when I get there?
• What recreational activities are available near my hotel?
• …and much more

Our Concierge Service

For only $299 we will work with you 1-on-1 by phone and email.

We will:
• communicate with you privately with unlimited phone calls and emails for 60 days
• listen to your needs, priorities, and budget and give you advice based on our years of experience with medical tourism
• contact medical providers with your specific questions and and get you the answers you need
• help you make a travel plan including whatever flight and hospitality
• build you a solid plan with providers, hotels, flights, and dates that all suit your

Our Concierge Service will take you from confusion to confidence. You’ll have considered all of your most viable options and have a solid plan of exactly how and when to proceed.

There’s no obligation to go any further, you will receive all the above for a one-time payment of only $299.

You can proceed with your plan on your own or with our assistance. We offer a full range of personalized services and are available to help you with any aspect of your trip, procedure, and aftercare, including having one of our team on the ground with you during your trip.

ONLY $299.